Queue management in health care facilities is undoubtedly a hot topic, but beyond the issue of the wait time itself, patient care and comfort is a key concern for many facility managers, particularly those with a high proportion of elderly or frail patients. The Cabrini Health Medical Imaging Department, in Malvern, Victoria, has found a practical solution that is highly appreciated by all the elderly patients who arrive to it’s busy reception area.

Queue management and patient flow was an issue that required immediate attention at this Imaging Center in Victoria. Most of the patients were elderly, and often in pain, meaning thatthey could not stand in line for extended periods of time.  The reception area had a high noise level, and patients often got confused by the different counters.

Queue Management In Health Care: The Solution

The management at Cabrini Health Medical Imaging Department decided to install NEXA’s Q-Flow Queue management solution. With many of Cabrini’s patients already familiar the kiosk and virtual queueing process as a result of their experience with Q-Flow being used in Medicare offices Australia-wide, patients quickly adjusted to the new procedure, and appreciated the opportunity to wait for their appointment in a comfy chair or lounge, as opposed to standing in a line.

A touch screen ticket kiosk was installed in the reception area, allowing patients to register themselves in a virtual queue. The kiosk prints each patient a ticket with a unique identification number and directs them to take a seat in the waiting area.

To call the patients to the counter, four LED displays were installed at vantage points throughout the reception area, enabling them to be clearly seen from every seat. As well as this visual prompt, ceiling speakers play a voice announcement, addressing the needs of vision impaired patients as well.

Only a few months after introducing the Q-Flow system Cabrini Health Medical Imaging Department were astounded by the fantastic results. The waiting area had become a more peaceful place where patients could sit comfortably as they waited. The overall noise level had been greatly reduced, creating a more productive workplace for staff. With patient care at the forefront of this reception overhaul, Cabrini has dramatically improved their patient flow and facility experience, benefiting both the health care facility and patients alike.

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