NEXA is a market leader in the Future Branch concept in Australia. Our unique suite of Queue Management solutions in banking have been seamlessly integrated into the new generation of retail finance branches showcased around the country. Our product will significantly improve your customer’s in-branch experience and gives your bank an immediate return on investment.

More appointments, more productivity

NEXA’s Appointment Scheduling solutions offers a suite of banking management tools for the new generation of retail finance branches.  Our solution provides the most polished  implementation of the Future Branch concept available in the market and delivers workforce optimisation and cost effective technology solutions.

Utilising Appointment management can lead to an increase in traffic by as much as 15% – 20% in some branches.  The correlation between appointments and sales is a major factor in the volume of sales closures and therefore increased appointments mean long-term profitability and staff productivity.  NEXA’s Customer experience solution isn’t just an appointment scheduling solution. It proactively manages the appointment to minimise no-shows, drive customer preparedness and maximise staff readiness, all leading to increased closure rates.

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Integrated solutions, maximised value

Our integrated banking queue management solutions utilise available customer information to allow you to manage new and existing customers individually in the bank branch environment, maximising the value of the encounter for both the customer and the organisation, reducing customer waiting time and increasing staff productivity, allowing for premium workforce optimisation.

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution optimises interactions in and with the branch and by enabling staff to proactively engage and respond to customers’ needs.  Our solution is an enabler for service quality in the branch environment, enriching the in-branch experience and motivating customers as ‘promoters’ of the Bank.

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Screen time, real time

A complete cloud architecture solution, NEXA solutions can be implemented overnight, without requiring high infrastructure expenditure.

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution includes a digital signage application, allowing you to control each screen.  The solution lets you compose playlists, personal campaigns and communication information to your customers through multimedia and dynamic system-integrated messages.

The digital signage solution has everything that you need if you want to have your own TV channel.  This includes limitless channels, live TV streaming, interactive movies, news tickers and more.

Deploy an infinite number of screens and channels; distribute information, advertisements, rich media and data, in any desired way. As well as assisting in queue management, Digital Signage can maximises the exposure of your branch marketing by automating digital campaigns from production to distribution.

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Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.