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Looking Forward to a
Healthy Future

NEXA’s Patient Flow solution enables facilities of all sizes to optimise every aspect of their patient’s journey, delivering a positive Patient Experience and improving operational efficiencies – at every touchpoint of their journey.

Using innovative technology, we can now connect patients and staff with up-to-date information, in real time, to provide a smoother passage from pre-admission to treatment to discharge.

Integrating new and existing technology by fully integrating work flows, your entire organisation can move forward in unison, utilising all available resources and managing expectations.

Easy to implement and backed up by our ongoing support structure, NEXA’s Patient Flow solutions are breathing new life into our healthcare system.

Improved administrative efficiency

Patient notifications to manage expectations

Improved patient feedback capture

Integration with existing systems and EMR

Reduced Stress in the waiting room

Automated forms to maximise billings

Minimised no-show rate


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