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Improve the customer experience, with real data.

NEXA is an Australian company that delivers innovative solutions to streamline the customer journey.


Appointment Scheduling

Give your customers the power to choose and your team the opportunity to prepare, by automating your appointment process from booking through to arrival, check in and case documentation.

Queue Management

With NEXA’s Queue Management solution, your customers will never have to stand in a long line again – eliminate queues, reduce wait times and improve staff productivity.

Patient flow

NEXA’s Patient Flow solutions offer a range of scalable tools to better manage the flow of patients within your healthcare areas.

From a license renewal, to choosing health insurance, registering for university or seeing a doctor, our solutions are used every day all over Australia and beyond.

For 15 years, NEXA’s collaborative approach, globally recognised technology and data-driven insights have enhanced customer experiences and improved operational efficiencies.

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