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Every Student
Interaction Matters

By combining queue management with innovative and intuitive technology, NEXA helps transform the student experience and increase operational efficiencies through our Queue Management System. Our team of experts can assess your university or college’s unique needs and create a tailored suite of products to transform your operations.

A real-time Student Journey Optimisation platform with a proven track record (Q-Flow).

Experienced consultancy services to help you enhance the student experience.

Appointment Scheduling, Student Flow, BPM, Feedback, Reporting and Analytics, all integrated with your existing systems.

Ongoing support for successful implementation of our services..

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Minimise Queues at the service centre.
  • Informed staff results in better, quicker service.
  • The ability to communicate via channels relevant to the student population.
  • Improved resource management during peak periods.
  • Enhanced overall student experience.

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