NEXA was the best option we found – their patient queue management solution fully fits our needs. It allows us to keep track of our patients, our patient data and avoid the issues that our current system was causing us

Kathryn Bartho, Operations Director, Outpatient Services, Northern Health

Since opening the doors to The Bright Alliance Building, Prince of Wales Hospital’s Cancer and Haematology Services have been able to seamlessly streamline our patients’ check in process. Q Flow enables our patients – many of whom travel across multiple levels of our facility for numerous consultations and treatments – to check in with one simple efficient and effective check-in process. The NEXA project team were extremely insightful and understood both our clinical and technical requirements, resulting in a patient management solution that exceeded our expectations. They also worked tirelessly to meet out short turnaround times and provided continuous support to ensure our success.

Informatics and Data Manager – Cancer and Haematology Services, Prince of Wales Hospital & Community Health Services

NEXA has made a significant positive impact not only to our operation but also to my staff’s morale and our students’ experience; we are recording the highest levels of student satisfaction to-date in the Student Centre.

Sebastian Zagarella, Head of Student Services, UTS Insearch

DoT have been passionate and motivated by the NEXA implementation into our business. It has lifted our professional image and has changed the way we meet, greet, serve and satisfy our customers. It has made our staff more empowered and engaged and we are looking forward to further future proofing our customer experience. The journey has been made better by the NEXA team in supporting our needs and understanding where we want to take DoT. Special thanks to our Relationship Manager, Sankha who worked tirelessly with us to ensure the successful implementation and ongoing momentum.

Gregg Whitehall, Metropolitan Business Centres Manager – WA Department of Transport (DoT)

Partnering with an organisation such as NEXA, using their customer flow management systems, means we can really change our service, get more out of digital, make it easier and faster for our customer. But really importantly, and this is a key point, is ensuring that we’re creating a really great customer NSW experience that drives value, and efficiency for the broader Economy. Our reputation domestically, nationally and internationally is inspiring other states such as Victoria, Queensland, also Tasmania to ask ‘what is SNSW doing?’ so that they can adopt and learn some of these practices and apply them within their own states to provide better services for their citizens too. We’re already in discussion with those states, we’re also in discussion with the Federal Government as well about how we can connect even further to provide services for the Australian citizen.

Glenn King, Service NSW

The NEXA team’s ability to be flexible and available, was a huge help in the transformation period. The teams advanced communication and negotiation skills, friendly dispositions, positive ‘can do’ attitude and general demeanour was always professional, friendly and engaging. They demonstrated well-developed understanding, business acumen and project management skills culminating in a very effective and disciplined transaction. NEXA always delivered on their promises and in many cases exceeded expectations.

Ben Oxford, Curtin Connect Project Lead

Real-time reporting is one of the great things about NEXA’s Q-Flow, which facilitates HiQ services across all channels on QUT campuses and digitally. Q-Flow integration gives all staff a clear understanding of their role and contribution to managing service wait times. We run it on iPads, computers and kiosk screens located in our service areas.

Cindy Meyers, QUT, Manager HiQ Service Points

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Every day, everywhere in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.

Every day, everywhere in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.