“The real time reporting capabilities mean we now have timely, accurate information upon which we can evaluate choices. We have the data to make informed decisions to keep improving our service to the public”

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution assist all types of Government service centres such as Local Council, State and Federal Departments.  Our products and services manage and streamline all customer interactions bring operational efficiency. Our Solutions range from simple queue and directional systems to complete concierge customer service management.  NEXA tailors perfect solution to current needs with forecasting insights and relevant future growth options.

Total customer experience management

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution delivers to our clients complete control over customer flow at walk-in Government service centres and the digital channel.  This control can vary from a touch screen self-service kiosk, a member of staff acting as a concierge to the more complex procedures connecting front-office interactions with back-office process management and online appointments scheduling.  Customer Experience Management lets you handle every aspect of the customer encounter and flow through your organisation, including client identification, routing according to individual information, skill-based routing, load balancing, customer feedback and much more.

NEXA’s Customer Experience Management can effectively handle any element of customer flow management.

Your service centre can save both personnel and customer time by employing our electronic Digital Signage and Appointment Management modules.  Digital signs are a very effective application for delivering information as well as messages, guiding customers to complete transactions efficiently.   Booking appointments ahead of time minimises waiting time and anxiety, helping both staff and customers to plan their time more effectively.

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Scalable solutions, agile solutions

Whether your centre needs simple queue management, appointment and staff scheduling or digital signage to improve the customer experience, or a more complete end to end solution allowing you to manage customer interactions.

By combining NEXA’s Digital Signage module with the Customer Experience Management and Appointment Management modules, the overall functionality and capability of the system is enhanced, allowing for end to end personalised communications management for all in-store experiences.

The Appointment Management module provides an enterprise-wide system for automating the whole appointment cycle from booking, arrival, and case documentation, through to staff training tips and alerts.

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Real time data, real staffing improvements

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution helps service centre managers plan accurate staffing levels and maximises the use of real time data by alerting supervisors and managers if key performance indicators are missed.

From the branch level up, your managers will be able to see (in real-time) how many people are currently being served, how many are waiting, what services they are waiting for and how long they are waiting.  Using the data they will be able to see trends developing – peaks and troughs in customer volumes, transaction types, queue wait times and queue lengths at different times of the day and on certain days of the week.

Because NEXA’s Customer Experience solution provides comprehensive data at the branch and enterprise level, your organisation can begin to identify where and how its own best practice occurs and seek to replicate it more widely. This not only assists managers and staff improve service delivery; it is also a key factor in maintaining  consistency across your Government organisation.

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“Customers rightly expect the same quality of service from a Government Agency as they do from their favourite airline or retailer.”

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