An online appointment booking solution designed to improve customer experience and team efficiency.

In today’s digital world, providing excellent customer service starts before people even enter your store, clinic, shop or centre. It starts with allowing them to easily book appointments online. Offering an automated, online system that easily schedules in bookings and times makes their journey simpler, valuable and far more convenient.

NEXA OASIS is a robust online booking solution that empowers your customers to manage their own appointments around their busy schedules, creating a great experience from the very beginning. By integrating NEXA OASIS into your website, both your customers and your staff will appreciate how simple it is to manage appointment flow and minimise wait times.

NEXA’s OASIS is an enhancement to our Q-Flow® software.

OASIS allows you to input dates and time slots, so your customers are presented with all available appointments to choose from.

Changing, updating or cancelling appointments is also easy with OASIS, as it provides a Booking ID number that allows customers to make changes to their booking, eliminating the need to call the reception staff.

This allows you to provide a better customer experience, improve your team’s efficiency and reduce manual errors. OASIS can be integrated with Q-Flow® and NEXA Mobile Q to complete the ultimate booking and queue management solution for your business. Download our NEXA OASIS brochure today to learn more.


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