“NEXA has made a significant positive impact not only to our operation but also to my staff’s morale and our students’ experience; we are recording the highest levels of student satisfaction to-date in the Student Centre.”

Sebastian Zagarella: Head of Student Services, UTS Insearch



“NEXA transformed the way we do business.”

Ashley Keleher, Head of Student Services, Monash University

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Every student interaction matters

By combining queue management with innovative and intuitive technology, NEXA helps transform the student experience and increase operational efficiencies through our Queue Management System. Our team of experts can assess your university or college’s unique needs and create a tailored suite of products to transform your operations.

A robust real-time Student Journey Optimisation platform with a proven track record (Q-Flow)

Experienced consultancy services to enhance the student experience

Appointment Scheduling, Student Flow, BPM, Feedback, Reporting and Analytics, all integrated with your existing systems and interfaces.

Ongoing support for successful implementation

Benefits at a glance:

Minimise queues in the service centre
Informed staff results in better, quicker service
• The ability to communicate via channels relevant to the student population
Improved resource management during peak periods
Enhanced overall student experience.

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Education institutions we already partner with:


Book online, arrive on time
At NEXA, we believe that the best Customer Experience should start way before your customer, in this case the student, enters your service centre. Our automated Appointment Scheduling solution controls the complete appointment cycle from scheduling, arrival and case recording, to staff advice and staff training.

Book via any channel
Students can book appointments from your Facebook page, Twitter Account or website, via free-standing interactive kiosks, their mobile phone or an OnGlass interactive Info point within the campus grounds.

Don’t miss a thing
When a student books an appointment, we automatically send them an SMS 24 hours before, and then another one hour before their appointment, making it easier for them to not miss it! Learn more about Appointment Scheduling > 

Need extra help? Get a Concierge
During busier times, such as O week, why not introduce a Concierge? Our e-Concierge solution can be deployed on a Windows tablet which will compliment a free-standing kiosk. Students can be put into a virtual queue and receive an SMS when they are ready to be seen. They can then get on with their busy lives while they wait to be served.

Informed staff, improved workload
Our Staff Planner tool offers improved communications between the administration staff and students to enhances the service experience.

Providing staff with the right level of information is just the first step to improve student wait times and at NEXA, we believe that every journey is made up of a number of steps. Learn more about Staff Planner >

Digital signs of the times
Communication is a big part of NEXA’s Service Design Solution for Education, and we can provide LCD screens to display live wait times and corporate information. At busier times of the year, the digital signage can be used as wayfinding to save the newbies from getting lost.

The waiting areas in your Student Centres, or libraries and cafes, provide a number of opportunities to strengthen the relationship with your students and staff. Large TV screens can display information on a full range of services and activities. Learn more about Digital Signage >