“Nexa transformed the way we do business.”

Ashley Keleher, Head of Student Services, Monash University

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NEXA in Education

NEXA’s Student Experience solution provides the tools to manage all student interactions, whether in person, through information displays, Appointment processing or self-service kiosks.  Students get faster, better service and you see the benefits of operational improvements.

Book online, arrive on time

At NEXA, we believe that good customer service should start way before the student enters your service centre.  Using Appointment Management automates the complete appointment cycle from scheduling, arrival and case recording, to staff advice and staff training.

Students can book appointments from numerous touch points whether this be your FaceBook page, Twitter Account, your web site, free-standing interactive kiosk, their mobile phone or an OnGlass interactive Info point within the campus grounds.  NEXA provide all of these technologies to bring operational improvements and new ways to interact with your students.

If a student books an appointment, our solution will ensure that they are on time for their appointment.  We will automatically send the student an SMS 24 hours before and one hour before their appointment…lets make it easy for them…

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Faster, better service

With NEXA’s Student Experience solution, students get faster and better service. The solution provides your student service centres with the capability to handle all service interactions with students, whether in person or through information displays and self-service kiosks.

During busier times such as O week, why not introduce a concierge.  Our solution can be deployed on a Windows tablet which will compliment a free-standing kiosk.  A Member of staff of members of staff can meet students outside the student centre and answer their query.  If the query can not be answered, they are put into a virtual queue and provide their mobile number so they can receive an SMS when they are ready to be seen.  Why not let the student go and get a coffee?

Gone are the days of forcing them to have to wait in line….

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Informed staff, improved workload

Improved communications between the campus and the students enhances the service experience.  Better student service centres reduce staff workload and saves the campus money with more efficient service processes.

NEXA’s Student Experience solution logs all data in real time and because the solution utilises standard Internet technologies, it means that all reporting is in real-time.

All reporting can be viewed locally at your service centre, campus or if you wish, across many service centres and campuses.  Providing staff with the right level of information is just the first step to improve student wait times and at NEXA, we believe that every journey is made up of a number of steps…

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Digital Signage to keep your students informed

Communication is a big part of NEXA’s Student Experience solution and as such, we pay a lot of attention to the information we provide.  Within the Student Service Centre and around campus, why not have a number of LCD screens displaying live wait times and corporate information?  At busier times of the year, the digital signage can be used as wayfinding to help all of those newbies and save them from getting lost.

The waiting areas in your Student Centres, or other areas like libraries or cafes, provide a number of opportunities to strengthen the relationship with your students and staff.  Large television screens can display information on the full range of services and activities.

Gone are the days of forcing them to have to wait in line….

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Step one to improve your organisation’s performance.