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Brett Comer, GM Bupa Medical Services

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution will transform retail and the way you do business. Customers are placed in a virtual queue, allowing them the freedom to browse around the shop and look at other products, all the while still being exposed to digital marketing that is product specific.

More appointments, more productivity

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution offers a suite of retail management tools for the new generation of retail branches.  Our solution provides the most polished  implementation of the Future Branch concept available in the market and delivers workforce optimisation and cost effective technology solutions.

Utilising Appointment management can lead to an increase in traffic by as much as 15% – 20% in some branches.  The correlation between appointments and sales is a major factor in the volume of sales closures and therefore increased appointments mean long-term profitability and staff productivity.  NEXA’s Customer experience solution isn’t just an appointment scheduling solution. It proactively manages the appointment to minimise no-shows, drive customer preparedness and maximise staff readiness, all leading to increased closure rates.

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Less queuing, more buying

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution does away with traditional queues and instead, customers are placed in a virtual queue, allowing them the freedom to browse around the shop and look at other products.  Whilst they are browsing, why not take the opportunity to use your digital signage to upsell?

It’s not only the customer’s that benefit, staff will also be provided with point of purchase sales tips to enhance their sales performance, reinforcing the messages customers have seen through the digital communications in-store.

The retail customer experience is enhanced through service being constantly improved by monitoring all transactions and optimising staff to create an environment that maximises store efficiency.  NEXA also make itt easy to integrate third party products such as an active inventory database, ERP or Point of Sale systems to deliver ever-updated product offerings.

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Better data, better staff

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution monitors all transactions and optimising staff creates an environment that maximises store efficiency, which enhances the customer experience.  As we know, retail is all about happy customers and so, if your customer has a great experience, they will tell their family and friends who in-turn, will become customers.

As the solution works on a real-time basis, all managers and operational teams are kept up to date with not only trading statistics but also queue lengths and/or wait times.  As the wait times exceed your KPI, an alert will be sent to managers and area managers.  The manager and area managers can then check their mobile to see real-time management reporting and can then resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.  No more waiting to hear about trading the next day…

Step one to improve your organisation’s performance.