NEXA’s service teams will ensure you get the most from your investment


NEXA believes that the most effective approach is to work in partnership with our customers.  Our world-class professional service teams will guide you through each stage of the project ensuring that all key facets are achieved at each step of the project. Each member of the professional service team has ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the proposed solution. The primary objectives are to ensure that the solution proposed meets the customer’s requirements for both hardware and software. Our initial systems audit will already have ensured our software solutions are customised to your needs. Our services and staff training ensure you can maximise these solutions and use the system to its full potential.

“Nexa transformed the way we do business.”

Ashley Keleher, Head of Student Services, Monash University

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Business Consultants

Our Business Consultants work in partnership with our customers to provide a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring outcomes meet requirements and best practice learning is applied; from the Pre-sales stage through to implementation, and post project analysis.

Key areas in business consultancy include:

  • Strategy development and execution
  • Diagnostics and identifying business improvement opportunities
  • Discovery and Health Check services
  • Program and Project Management
  • Workforce management
  • Change programs
  • Risk management
  • Performance analytics: time study programs
  • Post implementation reviews
  • Recruitment solutions

Project Management

NEXA liaises with clients to deliver a four-part Project Management strategy. Discovery. Build. Implement. Sustain.

A thorough diagnostic of the current business environment identifies the opportunities for improvement. Discovery includes management and employee interviews, observation sessions, surveys, and detailed audits of various documentation and data.

The analysis identifies sales and service frameworks, processes and behaviours that are working well for ongoing reinforcement, as well as determining gaps in processes and disciplines in order to develop targeted solutions.

Support Services

NEXA provides ongoing consulting and support services to assist clients in embedding desired behaviours and processes to achieve their results over the long term.

NEXA also conducts regular meetings with key stakeholders and if required, annual reviews to assess the overall performance where recommendations are provided to address any areas that require improvement.

The comprehensive Support Services include

  • 1st and 2nd line Help Desk and Fault Identification
  • 3rd line fault investigation (on site)
  • Fault Resolution
  • Software Deployment of New Releases and Fixes

The NEXA help desk and specialised hardware engineers are accustomed to the specific requirements of support and installation within your environment.


NEXA is a ‘people’ based organisation and we always focus on the requirements of individual users within our customers’ organisations. Experience shows us that personnel will only make efficient use of a system’s capabilities if they fully understand what they are; find the system easy to use and personally benefit from using it.

In order to ensure that staff commit to the system and obtain maximum benefit from it, good training is essential.  Training effort is therefore designed to deliver user-confidence in both the system itself and the benefits arising from its use.

Step one to improve your organisation’s performance.