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Capturing the Customer Voice

Listening to the voice of the customer and capturing their feedback makes them feel valued. Customer feedback is also critical for organisations to measure satisfaction and unlock data to gain actionable insights required to make necessary improvements and smart strategic business decisions.

NEXA Voice is a SaaS solution, hosted in AWS and maintained by the NEXA team, enabling real-time reporting that can be accessed at any time. It supports multiple languages and can ask up to five questions. NEXA Voice can operate on NEXA’s screen kiosk machine or on other hardware. Download our brochure to find out more information today:


Benefits include:

Autonomy to control questions, therefore alignment with NPS can be achieved.
• Captures positive and negative feedback, both equally important.
• Insight and real-time reporting metrics to help improve the customer experience.
Anonymous or identified responses.
• NEXA Voice is a SaaS solution, hosted in AWS and maintained by NEXA Team.
• Can be connected to existing Q-Flow installations or run independently.

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Features include:

Supports multiple languages where customers can select preferred language to complete their feedback.

Real-time reporting accessed at any time with data exported into
.csv, .xlsx and HTML.

Access to the cloud environment to view and operate.

Find out today how we can streamline your customer journey.