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Technology That Transforms

Technology is the foundation of the future for service-based organisations. But with the new trends and expectations in service delivery, it can be hard to keep up. Not if you partner with NEXA.

NEXA has a passionate team of developers who live and breathe code to come up with smart solutions that deliver desired outcomes. We also have the exclusive license in Australia and New Zealand for Q-Flow, a unique software solution for viewing, planning and managing customer journeys.

Our software solution integrates appointment scheduling, queue management, business process management and customer interactions management, to deliver the optimal Customer Experience and operational efficiency.

Our modular platform is robust, secure and scalable. This enables you to customise a solution to meet your immediate and future needs. All our software solutions integrate with existing core systems.

We also offer a range of hardware solutions to meet your specific needs. Ready to streamline your customer journey? Talk to us today.

Appointment Scheduling

Queue Management

Business Process Management

Customer Interactions Management

Reporting & Analytics

Customer Feedback

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