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After a patient sees a healthcare professional, they’re issued with a patient outcome form that contains important details, care plans and follow-ups. However, if this is paper-based, these forms can get lost, misfiled and overlooked. A digital solution solves all of this. Improve your patient flow and offer patients a more streamlined experience with a paperless Outcome Form that eliminates long waits, errors and discrepancies, taking customer service to the next level.

NEXA Outcome Form is an additional application to the renowned Q-Flow® software, which further enhances its features and efficiency.

The solution electronically transfers outpatients’ outcome forms from the clinician to the receptionist – removing inaccurate and unreliable paper-based forms.

It’s configurable to suit your clinic and supports your team to provide a more streamlined patient experience. To learn more, download our brochure:


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BLOG: How paper-based outcome forms can lead to a loss of hospital revenue – In this article, we’ll explain how using paper forms can affect a clinic’s billing process and the scheduling of follow-up appointments, putting the hospital’s revenue and the patients’ well-being at risk. It’s time to go digital and here’s why.
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Features include:

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