“Every day before we had Q-Flow we would have two queues, from the reception desks … out the front doors and this would impact on ambulance staff and other critical visitors… now we haven’t had one queue! This has relieved front line staff for other activities and has immensely improved the patient experience.”

Read Case Study: Prince Charles Hospital

Belinda Faulkner, NUM, The Prince Charles Hospital

“Every day before we had NEXA’s Patient Flow solution, we would have two queues, from the reception desks … out the front doors and this would impact on ambulance staff and other critical visitors… now we haven’t had one queue!

This solution has relieved front line staff and has immensely improved the patient experience.”

Belinda Faulkner, NUM, The Prince Charles Hospital

Read Case Study: Prince Charles Hospital

NEXA has pioneered a revolution in total Patient Visit Management for the healthcare sector.  NEXA’s Patient Flow solution modules can manage every aspect of the patient’s flow through the care pathway from online appointment booking, to patient check-in/arrival, consultation with clinician, case management, billing, discharge and follow up. Our solutions are optimising the patient journey, driving improved patient safety, better utilisation of resources and improved staff morale as well as identifying areas for business improvement.

NEXA’s Patient Flow solution supports a range of health care providers, from individual services such as radiology, pathology and outpatient clinics through to end-to-end patient journey across entire hospital and practice settings.

Online Patient Appointment Booking

Our Online Appointment Booking solution is an enterprise-wide solution that can manage appointments and automate patient communication across your hospitals and departments. The solution enables a patients’ ability to manage their own appointments 24/7 with a with a simple user interface that communicates in real-time to any PAS or PMS. The strengths include sophisticated and automated tools to; quickly identify vacancies matching the patient’s requirements, provide two-way communication between patients and health care providers and allows for total transparency and tracking of process.

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Patient Self Check-in

NEXA’s Patient Self Check-In solution assists healthcare environments deal with ever expanding patient volumes, increasing costs and the demand for more efficient and patient-centric ways to navigate healthcare environments.  Our range of patient self-check in technologies provide patients with the standard self-service convenience they’ve become used to in the airline and retail environments.

Using kiosks, tablets or mobile apps, patients have the ability to:

  • Check in once for any number of appointments
  • Verify personal demographic and Medicare information
  • Fill out required forms
  • Answer standard questions usually asked by reception staff
  • Make payments

Self check-in significantly reduces patient queuing and waiting times as well as repetitive administrative burden on staff.  Importantly, the information is also easily integrated in to your administrative system enabling it to remain your single source of truth at all times.

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Hospital Workflow Management

The ability to automate and manage the entire patient visit and the relevant in-hospital processes from start to finish using a single software application has tremendous benefits to the hospital.  It provides quality assurance, meaning patients and their files do not get “lost in the system” and processes are streamlined. NEXA’s Enterprise Workflow Management solution serves as a multi-purpose middleware to connect systems, business units and staff. It is also a patient-centric system, designed to manage processes and ensure patients are communicated with appropriately.

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Total Patient Visit Management

The user-friendly interface, NEXA’s Total Patient Visit Management solution allows your department to comprehensively manage the patient visit from:

  • Appointment booking
  • Automated patient check-in
  • Patient routing to the appropriate waiting area
  • Automated and real-time communication with patients during visit using SMS, email or in-app notifications
  • Streamlining of post-consultation and billing instructions

This solution has been shown to dramatically decrease patient no-shows, reduce patient wait times, allow staff to focus on higher order tasks and maximise clinician up-time.

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