“The changes have been terrific for our staff…. we have consistently been able to predict call volumes with accurate data and we can staff accordingly.”

Ashley Kehleher, Head of Student Services, Monash University


Staff Planner helps managers plan accurate staffing levels and maximises the use of real time data by alerting supervisors and managers to potential issues.  It produces staffing timetables and supports decisions on agent scheduling, budgeting, branch design and long term planning.

Business Critical Outcomes

Staff Planner is the innovative engine room for you to optimise your resources.  When combined with NEXA’s Customer Experience solutions real-time monitoring tools, the Staff Planner provides three critical outcomes: reduced operating costs, improved service levels and increased sales in branch.

Planner is a powerful analysis tool for planning, predicting and studying the effects of staffing levels and customer demand upon your customer service centre. Planner contains all of the necessary information required to calculate staffing levels, historical records of customer traffic, waiting and service duration’s, customer abandonment patterns, agent activity and much more.

It all adds up

The innovation in Staff Planner calculates functional KPI’s against historical and live data including traffic levels, times of day, week and year, customer requirements, waiting and service duration’s, abandonment patterns, agent activity, ‘what if’ scenarios and sensitivity analysis.

The process of using the Staff Planner is composed of several simple steps, including setting parameters, creating a worksheet, entering and analysing demand and staffing data and selecting a worksheet that will serve as the baseline for your planning.

The data obtained can also be used to monitor real time customer service in the form of instant alerts (via email, SMS etc.), real time reports and more.

The Vital Provisions

Staff Planner is the premium optimisation tool allowing your organisation to dynamically plan staffing levels based on real time data.  It provides worksheets for planning staff levels, reports, recommendations and alerts for supervisors and managers.  Using Staff Planner allows your organisation to optimally slice its budget pie.

Planner enables the user to analyse relevant demand and customer arrival rates, service times, agent availability and customer patience factors, and manipulate data in order to predict changes (such as a future increase in demand).

Based on these parameters, the system can predict the required staffing levels for different units, throughout different times of day, in order to fulfill your companies service level goals.  Needless to say, this calculation is anything but trivial, taking into consideration more than mere work capacity.  It is based on Queuing Theory and therefore the higher you set your service goals (i.e. reduce waiting times); the more agents will be required.

Real-time reporting is one of the great things about NEXA’s Q-Flow, which facilitates HiQ services across all channels on QUT campuses and digitally. Q-Flow integration gives all staff a clear understanding of their role and contribution to managing service wait times. We run it on iPads, computers and kiosk screens located in our service areas.

Cindy Meyers, QUT, Manager HiQ Service Points

Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.

Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.