NEXA launches product webinar series

Last month NEXA launched its Solution Insights webinar series. Each month we will take a deep dive into different aspects of our Customer Journey Management solution to showcase the Q-Flow technology capabilities that can help transform your customer journey. You’ll gain rich insights on how to enhance your customer experience, enable staff productivity and increase [...]

Why an appointment is not just an appointment

For many of us when we hear the word appointment, we think of a face-to-face interaction at a pre-arranged time. And that’s what the dictionary describes an appointment as, “an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time or place”. When we overlay this simple activity with technology, it provides a much richer experience for [...]

Taking technology to the next level with Q-Flow V6.1

Earlier this year Q-nomy released Q-Flow 6.0 which saw a number of new features available through the platform. It revolutionised customer journey management, and offered businesses radical new ways to optimize their customer experience. We’re excited to announce that Q-Flow 6.1 was recently released by Q-nomy which has further enhancements to streamline customer journeys whilst [...]

New technology makes life easier for patients

Orginally posted on The Pulse Patients with cancer can now swipe and go for their radiation therapy, chemotherapy, check-ups and consultation appointments thanks to a new electronic kiosk system at Blacktown Hospital. Cancer Centre operations manager Leanne Watson said the NEXA Healthcare Solution digital kiosks have been working well for general outpatient appointments and were [...]

Are you ready for today’s digital patient?

Today’s patients are not sitting idle in waiting rooms hoping they will be seen by a doctor at some stage. They are researching healthcare providers online, seeking recommendations on Social Media, looking up symptoms, booking appointments online and more. The explosion of wearables means patients can track their calorie intake, their sleep cycles, their steps, [...]

Bringing The Value of Omni-Channel to Healthcare Providers

Interactive communication channels, digital in nature, augment the patient’s physical visit to the clinic resulting in a true omni-channel patient journey and experience, which healthcare providers can leverage to create more value both for themselves and for their customers. Healthcare providers are concerned with providing more value measured by outcomes and patient satisfaction, while reducing [...]

NEXA’s Healthcare solution on show at Blacktown Hospital

NEXA were commissioned by Western Sydney Local Health District to implement and extend NEXA’s Patient Journey Optimisation Platform as part of the Blacktown Hospital Redevelopment Program into the new Clinical Services Building. As a key solution forming part of the digital hospitals strategy implemented at Blacktown Hospital, NEXA continues to work as a technology partner [...]