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It’s time to upgrade to v6!

Some of you may have read or heard that Q-Nomy have announced that the Q-Flow 5.x series will reach end of life in mid-2019. So we thought it might be a good idea to get in front of this and explain what it means to you and highlight some of the benefits to those that [...]

Northern Health partners with NEXA Group to transform Specialist Outpatient Clinic Services

Sydney, Australia – 13 July 2018 In an open public tender, Northern Health, Victoria, has partnered with NEXA Group to create a patient centric, Health Service-wide patient flow solution across three of its major campuses - The Northern Hospital, Craigieburn Medical Centre and the Broadmeadows Hospital. Northern Health’s Specialist Clinics currently schedule over 5,000 outpatient [...]

NEXA to sponsor the Customer Service Individual of the Year Award at this year’s National Local Government Customer Service Network Conference

Local government plays a central and indispensable role within the government system and is the level of government closest to the people. Our local councils are the backbone of society and give people a say in matters affecting their local area. Those who work in the 537 councils in Australia are there to tirelessly serve [...]

NEXA and Q-nomy Inc sign new deal

03 March 2018 – Sydney, Australia – Last month NEXA and Q-nomy Inc. signed a further 6-year deal (including a 3-year extension option) for NEXA to retain its exclusive software license in Australia and New Zealand. For the past 11 years, NEXA has partnered with Q-nomy to offer Q-Flow technology to the ANZ Health, Education, [...]

NEXA launches product webinar series

Last month NEXA launched its Solution Insights webinar series. Each month we will take a deep dive into different aspects of our Customer Journey Management solution to showcase the Q-Flow technology capabilities that can help transform your customer journey. You’ll gain rich insights on how to enhance your customer experience, enable staff productivity and increase [...]

Why an appointment is not just an appointment

For many of us when we hear the word appointment, we think of a face-to-face interaction at a pre-arranged time. And that’s what the dictionary describes an appointment as, “an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time or place”. When we overlay this simple activity with technology, it provides a much richer experience for [...]

Patient Journey Part 2: How can real-time engagement improve the experience of oncology patients during their visit?

In our first installment of this blog, we discussed creating a patient-centric operational treatment plan, and using an omnichannel approach to delegate and empower the patient as an integral part of the oncology patient journey. In this post we will focus on addressing patient needs during the patient journey at a medical facility. Improving cancer-patients experience [...]

Patient Journey Part 1: How can omnichannel engagement improve the experience of oncology patients and supporting family?

Healthcare providers today ask more of patients; inundating them with intake forms, screening questionnaires, patient experience & satisfaction scores and more. Nevertheless, patients are interested in getting pertinent educational information, information about supporting services, in-visit updates for waiting times, cause of waiting, and so on. This bi-directional communication between the provider and the oncology patient needs [...]

New Year Message from NEXA’s CEO

Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you’re all refreshed and ready for 2018. The New Year is always a great time to reset, reflect on the past year and set the sights on the year ahead and beyond. I’m pleased to share some of my reflections on 2017 [...]