Westmead women's health clinic new ticketing system. Left to right: Crystal Rincon (Patient)Jocelyn Conate (Admin Officer womens health clinic)

Expectant mothers, young and elderly women no longer need to queue when waiting for their appointment at Westmead Hospital’s Women’s and Newborn Health clinics thanks to an innovative new queue flow system called Q Flow.

The system allows patients to check in for their own appointments using their appointment card or by entering their unique identification number, surname and date-of-birth.  Patients are then directed to the treating room through a ticketing system and electronic display.

Westmead Hospital Women’s and Newborn Health operations manager Donna Garland said that the system reduces frustration for pregnant or elderly women who have had to stand in lengthy queues.

“In addition we now have valuable data that tells us where the system delays are occurring so that we can change our processes or direct more resources to improve the service for women,” Donna said.

“This system has changed the way we manage appointments and the technology allows the woman to take a degree of control over her appointment.”

Blacktown Hospital outpatients also use this technology.

Originally posted on The Pulse

Westmead women's health clinic new ticketing system. Left to right: Jocelyn Conate (Admin Officer womens health clinic), Crystal Rincon (Patient)

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