NEXA is pleased to announce that Q-Flow has been successfully deployed to all campuses at Victoria University.  The campuses include St Albans,  City Flinders, Sunshine, Melton, Werribee and Footscray Park campus.

The staff at Victoria University move around the different campuses and so training on Q-Flow wasn’t an issue at all.  In fact, it is fair to say that all staff are pleased with the system and find it easy and simple to use. Jeff Chetcuti, Project Manager at Victoria University said, “I must acknowledge NEXA for assisting me in deploying Q-Flow at Victoria University.  As Project Manager for the deployment of Q-Flow, I have engaged with several staff at NEXA from sales and reception through to project management and technical support. I have always been comfortable in communicating with all NEXA staff, and felt confident that any concerns would be handled professionally and quickly”.

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