Monash Connect is located in the Student Service Centre at Caulfield Campus.  Having been recently radically re-designed, it showcases the latest design and technology to provide first class service to the student community.

Having really thought about the design concept and how students would interact, Monash University completed the refit of the Caulfield campus in early 2013.  In order to prove that technology can play a big part in improving the total student experience, Monash University turned to NEXA with the Q-Flow queue management product to stream line the queuing experience.

Q-Flow queue management not only manages the student queues but brings a number of other distinct advantages.  Firstly, Q-Flow queue management is interfaced into SalesForce (Student CRM) which improves interaction times between students and staff.  Next, Q-Flow queue management means that students can be in a ‘virtual queue’ while sitting in a lounge area, enjoying a coffee or some study until the technology advises them they are first in the queue.

Tammy Fitzgerald, Director, Client Services at Monash University, stated, ‘Monash Connect staff were buoyant and the first students in the door were delighted as they looked around at ‘their’ space.’

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