NEXA were commissioned by Western Sydney Local Health District to implement and extend NEXA’s Patient Journey Optimisation Platform as part of the Blacktown Hospital Redevelopment Program into the new Clinical Services Building. As a key solution forming part of the digital hospitals strategy implemented at Blacktown Hospital, NEXA continues to work as a technology partner to extend the system into the Stage 2 development at Blacktown Hospital.

Recently the hospital was featured on Channel 9 news showcasing NEXA’s check in kiosks. Patients can now self check-in using Medicare swipe technologies for instant Medicare card validation at time of check-in, whilst confirming patient demographical information is up to date in multiple integrated systems. This has reduced administrative burdens from reception staff who can now spend more time assisting patients that are in need and refocussing their time on to other important administrative tasks.

NEXA has also deployed a range of other technology solutions to optimise the patient journey and will continue to do so throughout the new development.