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Sydney, Australia – 9 August 2017

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has transformed student engagement on campus through an Australian-first digital student services hub, HiQ, featuring a combination of state-of-the art technology and peer-to-peer support.

To streamline operations for the 42,000 students on campus, QUT combined multiple student services into a single location. The increased foot traffic through this location needed to be effectively managed to ensure a positive student service experience was achieved.

Before embarking on service changes, QUT researched similar delivery models and systems at other Australian universities and appointed NEXA to deliver an integrated student flow management solution to help improve the student experience in the centre.

Cindy Meyers, manager of QUT’s HiQ Service Points said the ability for students to request assistance and then receive call-backs through SMS has revolutionised the student experience by eliminating queues, managing expectations and given the students control of their time.

“Personalisation and consistency of experience were key factors in our service change decisions. We’re taking students out of the machine and offering them a more tailored service.”

“We have collaborated with students throughout the process and delivered a student-centred approach that meets the needs of the modern student through the latest technology.” Meyers said.

From an operational perspective she explained, the system allows management to run multiple queues to match staff specialisation to service enquiries. It gives all staff a clear understanding of their role and contribution to managing service wait times and allows management to simultaneously improve their training program to increase staff knowledge.

The NEXA solution at QUT comprises self-check in kiosks, student concierge tablet application, digital signage, student tracking dashboards and reporting.

“Students of today are comparing their service experiences with the likes of Apple, Uber and Amazon. HiQ is at the forefront of student service experiences and provides the most advanced and interactive digital campus experience in Australia.

“Our solutions ensure students receive more personalised services and spend less time waiting in physical queues. The real-time reporting means management can respond to student services demands in an efficient and effective manner. We’re committed to making every student interaction count and pleased we are able to deliver this at QUT,” said Adrian Gold, Managing Director of NEXA.

NEXA integrated their Q-Flow systems at set service points across all campuses in three months, to replace previous ticketed kiosk systems and physical queues.

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About NEXA:
NEXA is an independent Australian company that designs and delivers digital transformations in people-facing organisations. NEXA’s consultative approach and globally recognised technology optimises customer journey’s whilst enhancing operational efficiencies. We create better, more human experiences in government, healthcare, education, and retail industries in ANZ.

About QUT
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is a major Australian university with a ‘real world’ focus. Based in Brisbane with campuses at Gardens Point, Kelvin Grove, and Caboolture, the University offers more than 300 academic and professionally-oriented programs across a broad range of disciplines. QUT has a global outlook, over 47,000 students and around 4,700 staff (approximately half of which are academics).

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has defined a Digital Roadmap with a 2020 vision which outlines the five-year vision for digital transformation in the University in three key spheres: students, learning and teaching; research and innovation; people, culture and sustainability. QUT is currently undertaking a number of business transformation projects to deliver the desired strategic outcomes.

The first phase of a program of work to enhance the student experience at QUT culminated with the launch of HiQ at the end of April 2017. The launch involved new physical student centres, a new QUT app, consolidated and refurbished web presences a consolidated support organisation with associated support technologies. More information about HiQ is available from the QUT student site here.