Comcast Cable Company is currently implementing Q-Flow solutions
throughout many of their branch locations across the United States.  The program is to improve customer levels and the customer service experience.  Our partners Q-nomy worked with Comcast to build a customised solution that is improving customer service, whilst maximising employee efficiency.

Comcast wanted each store to have a greeter welcoming customers and entering them into a queue; Q-Flow met this requirement by equipping each greeter with an iPad and the Q-Flow mobile solution.  This solution allows the greeter to roam the floor to meet customers, entering their name and reason for visiting into the Q-Flow system.  When no greeter is available, the iPad is secured to the greeter station to create a self-service kiosk.

Comcast also wanted to create an atmosphere where customers could walk around the store without being confined to a specific waiting space.  Q-nomy created this fluid dynamic by installing digital signage throughout the store that displays a customer’s place in line, their attending agent, and the station they will report to.  This digital signage also plays pre-set playlists and rich presentations, entertaining customers while doing away with traditional queues.

Behind the scenes, Q-Flow’s Customer Reporting and Information Centre Module provide Comcast managers with drillable and interlinked reports.  These reports help optimise managerial and staffing decisions based on statistics for variables like peak-hours and wait times.

Q-Flow’s mobile solution, digital signage and back-end reporting help Comcast guarantee a stress-free and smooth visit for each customer, every time. This solution is helping Comcast to improve the levels of customer service and deliver a first rate experience for the customer.

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