Improve your patients’ overall experience through end-to-end appointment and patient management

If you’re a hospital, medical centre or clinic, you understand the importance of ensuring your patients feel comfortable and welcomed from the moment they arrive. NEXA Visit is the ideal solution that makes it easy to provide an accommodating and streamlined experience for outpatients.

Designed for health and medical establishments, NEXA Visit gives patients a simple way to check-in for their appointments upon arrival. This helps manage outpatient flow and prepare your team, so that patients can receive the medical care they need.

NEXA Visit also facilitates remote queueing via your patients’ mobile devices, allowing them to use their waiting time productively instead of sitting in your lobby or reception area. For their safety, this app ensures that overcrowding is avoided.

Most importantly, with NEXA Visit, your team can spend less time manually managing appointments and focus more on what they do best – providing excellent customer service to those patients who need a little extra help.

NEXA Visit is an additional application to our Q-Flow® software. Designed specifically for hospitals, medical centres and clinics, it provides patients with details about their visit. NEXA Visit also allows them to verify their information, while keeping them notified about when it’s their turn to see their healthcare provider.

This application works similar to a traditional kiosk check-in but offers more accessibility by being available on your patients’ mobile devices. NEXA Visit ensures patient management is seamless by delivering transparency over future and past appointments.

With features like geofencing and real-time alerts, NEXA Visit can also be configured according to your brand and can be integrated with other apps like Q-Flow Connect and NEXA Voice. Download our NEXA Visit brochure to learn more:


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