Ticket dispenser solution | Waverley Council | NEXA

Case Study: Waverley Council

The Challenge
A number of Customer Service functions were integrated into one location, greatly increasing the amount of customer traffic and waiting times. Council managers had no statistical information and were unable to assess service levels, staff productivity and operational performance.

The Ticket Dispenser Solution
NEXA installed a comprehensive ticket dispenser solution, encompassing customer flow and queuing management, digital displays to promote council services and information and in-depth monitoring and reporting functions.

The Results
The high volumes of customers are now managed effectively and are able to wait in a relaxed, seated environment. The multi-lingual feature of NEXA’s Customer Experience ticket kiosk also assists the large ethnic community in the area. Management can now easily monitor service levels and extract KPIs, identifying areas for continual development.

“The ticketing system works very well for our business needs and the technical support that we receive from NEXA exceeds any company that I have dealt with previously.”

Ra Clarke, Customer Service Manager, Waverley Council