NEXA’s Customer Experience system helps businesses manage optimal handling of customer traffic through your customer service centre

NEXA’s Customer Experience

Transparency of operations and visibility across consumer and staff behaviors allowing management to act on real-time information.

Empowers customers, optimises your staffing resources, and offers business insight with real-time reporting.

Is ideal for consumer facing service enterprises, read our case studies on Healthcare, Education, Government, Banking or Retail sectors.

Appointment Scheduling via Mobile / Web / Facebook / Twitter or call centre
Concierge services via iPad and android tablets
Customer arrival greeting and identification using self-service kiosk
Personalised in-branch digital signage and marketing extensions
Staff planning & scheduling
Service level monitoring and real time reporting of staff activity
Opportunity for staff reallocation / training / optimisation

NEXA’s Customer Experience delivers an immediate return on investment and takes customer services to a whole new level

Customer Experience Management

NEXA’s Customer Experience system manages the complete customer visit from entry to exit.  Customers feel more informed and staff efficiency is improved by matching staff skills and resources to the customer need.  Management gain transparency of operations, with total visibility into customer service metrics.

NEXA’s Customer Experience software is an advanced integrated queue management and offers a range of benefits to service organisations. Based on the latest web and distributed computing technologies and equipped with easy-to-use administration tools, the result is a product with extreme flexibility and scalability.

The system is flexible and modular, and delivers an immediate return on investment by maximising efficiency through matching staff skills to Customer inquiry type.  Using advanced optimisation and monitoring tools, real time metrics such as Customer volumes, waiting times and staff handling times.


Appointment Management

NEXA’s Customer Experience system has a comprehensive Appointment Management and online scheduling module.  The Appointment module has all the tools needed to integrate it with your corporate website.  This feature allows your Customers to browse the website, unattended kiosk or mobile application, and schedule appointments themselves.

Appointment Management provides an enterprise-wide system for automating the entire appointment cycle from booking, arrival, to case documentation.

As an addition to Appointment Booking, NEXA can offer OASIS, which is a ready-made Appointment booking web page.  OASIS integrates to your existing web site by a simple hyperlink….we like simple…


Staff Planner

Planner is a powerful analysis tool for planning, predicting and studying the effects of staffing levels and Customer demand upon your Customer service centre.  Planner helps centre managers plan accurate staffing levels and maximises the use of real time data by alerting supervisors and managers.

Planner offers a set of data-mining tools that scan this historical data and provide usable information.

Based on parameters and capabilities, the system can predict the required staffing levels for different units, throughout different times of day, in order to fulfill the organisation’s service level goals.  Needless to say, this calculation is anything but trivial, taking into consideration more than mere work capacity. It is based on Queuing Theory and therefore the higher you set your service goals (i.e. reduce waiting times); the more agents will be required.


Digital Signage

NEXA’s Digital Signage solution is the most advanced Digital Signage solution to date, introducing a complete ‘cloud’ architecture that takes advantage of the latest IT solutions and software platforms.

The waiting areas in your Customer Centres, or other areas like libraries or cafes, provide a number of opportunities to strengthen the relationship with your Customers and staff. Large television screens can display information on the full range of services and activities.

This content can be integrated with more generalised information, such as news and weather reports, or service centre information such as opening hours.


Step one to improve your organisation’s performance.