Case Study: University of Wollongong

The Challenge
Student Central, the face-to-face hub for student enquiries at the University of Wollongong, handles in excess of 70,000 over-the-counter interactions per year. With such high volumes of activity, it is essential that robust systems are in place to facilitate a university queue management system and predict volumes correctly.

In order to reach its optimal efficiency output, the University needed to upgrade the existing queue management system at Student Central with a number of enhanced features, such as the ability to track student enquiries and forecast accurate volumes.

With enrolments about to start, a timely installation was required to ensure the new queue management system was up and running before the beginning of term and the influx of students.

The Solution
After careful consideration, the team at NEXA was chosen to provide their Student Experience solution to the University. NEXA worked closely with the Student Central team to deliver a tailored, user friendly solution that suited their purpose and exceeded their needs.

The Student Central solution consisted of a sturdy self service kiosk, allowing students to quickly identify the nature of their enquiry, clear displays to facilitate easy counter identification and thin-client server based software, enabling staff and management to log on from any desk they find themselves located at.

The Results
Since Student Experience has been installed, the control of student traffic within Student Central has undergone a vast improvement. The flexible solution allows management to modify kiosk ticket messages and touch screen options as required. Intuitive and detailed reports now support tracking of student trends, enabling management to forecast volumes accurately and create appropriate staffing schedules to meet service needs.

“NEXA have exceeded our expectations on all accounts, delivering a customised solution within very tight timeframes. The support team have also provided a fantastic level of service after implementation, committing to our ongoing success.”

Bobby Mazevski, Operations Manager Client Service, University of Wollongong