“Customer satisfaction and customer feedback rating sitting at 97%, which has been maintained over the last 5 years.”

Victor Dominello, Minister of Customer Service

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“The real time reporting capabilities of Q-Flow means we now have timely, accurate information upon which we can evaluate choices. We have the data to make informed decisions to keep improving our service to the public.”

Anton Dowling, Acting Branch Manager, Medicare

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NEXA’s Customer Journey solution for Government offer:

A robust, real-time Customer Journey Optimisation platform with a proven track record (Q-Flow)

Experienced consultancy services to enhance the Customer Experience

Appointments Scheduling, Queue Management, Workflow Management, Self-Service Apps, Digital Signage

Ongoing support for successful implementation

Every customer interaction matters

NEXA’s Customer Journey solution for Government assist across Local Council, State and Federal Departments, to streamline their customers’ journeys and make every interaction matter.


Streamlining Government Services

Our experienced consultants and robust technology solutions are a catalyst to improving the Customer Experience across all customer-facing Government services, and help drive operational efficiencies.

NEXA Service Design Solutions for Government streamline the customer-service process, and simplify even complex multi-step procedures, optimising the experience for staff and customers.

Whether you’re a Local Council requiring a simple queuing solution or a large Government Department needing a sophisticated, multi-dimensional customer journey management solution, our Service Design Solutions are scalable and deliver results.

Eliminating queues and wait times, reducing customer frustration

Real-time data for management transparency

Reporting and analytics for informed decision making

Improved resource management during peak periods

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback rating at 97%

Measures KPI’s and drives operational efficiency

BLOG: Read how NEXA helped the NSW government achieve a 97% Customer Satisfaction Rating (CSR) – here’s how… [READ MORE]

CASE STUDY: Read how Service NSW was able to put their customers’ needs first – increasing engagement and improving operational efficiencies to now have an average wait time of under 7 minutes. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

WHITE PAPER: Applying service design methodology can assist local councils in placing the experience goals of the customer and users at the centre of the design process to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. [DOWNLOAD NOW]

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“DoT have been passionate and motivated by the NEXA implementation into our business. It has lifted our professional image and has changed the way we meet, greet, serve and satisfy our customers.”

Gregg Whitehall, Metropolitan Business Centres Manager – WA Department of Transport (DoT)

“We could not be happier with the NEXA solution and the positive impact it has had on our ability to serve our customers and their overall experience within our Service Centre.”

Tony Parkes, Customer Service Team Leader, Blacktown City Council

“The magic behind SNSW is that we have the human interface on the frontline and really smart data behind the scenes.”

Victor Dominello, Minister of Customer Service

NEXA’s Customer Journey solution for State and Federal Government

With NEXA, your organisation can manage every aspect of customer flow through your Service Centres, including client identification, routing according to individual information, skill-based routing, load balancing, customer feedback and much more.


Real-time reviewing
From the branch level up, your managers will be able to see how many people are currently being served, how many are waiting, what services they are waiting for and how long they are waiting.

Using this data, they will be able to see trends developing – e.g. peaks and troughs in customer volumes, transaction types, queue wait times, queue lengths at different times of the day and on certain days of the week.

Learn, use, share
Because NEXA’s solution provides comprehensive data at both branch and enterprise level, your organisation can begin to identify where and how its own best practice occurs, and seek to replicate it more widely. This not only assists managers and staff in improving service delivery, it also improves consistency across your organisation.

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NEXA Service Design Solutions for Local Councils
We offer a flexible and cost-effective solution to meet the specific needs of each Council, regardless of size. By actively managing and directing each step of the customer journey in your Service Centre, customers’ needs are met and staff are empowered to deliver outstanding service. Management also have access to reports so they can monitor service levels, wait times, services provided, volume of customers and more.

Read the case study:
Black Town City Council>

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