“At one Northern European bank, the number of appointments per sales person explained more than 60% of the performance differences between branches. Addressing this appointment gap boosted branch sales by 15 to 20%.”

McKinsey & Company


NEXA’s Appointment Scheduling provides an enterprise-wide system automating the complete appointment process from booking through to arrival, check-in and case documentation.

Personalised Scheduling

People are time poor. No one wants to stand in line and wait their turn; they would rather book a time to see you that suits them. Research has shown that customers who have appointments are happier and rate customer satisfaction surveys higher than those that just turn up.

Allowing customers to pre-book a time that suits them not only ensures that you have happier customers, it also means that your operation teams can schedule staff more efficiently.  Why wouldn’t you want your staff to be better armed and know why the customers are coming in?  Certainly it will help improve service times.

In a sales environment, industry benchmarks across a variety of verticals reveal that customers’ buying intentions are maximized when meeting a sales representative in person. When purchasing expensive items, signing up for a long term contract, or choosing one vendor from a group of nearly identical ones, it is the salesperson’s confidence, pro-activeness and sometimes persistence that can close a deal.

Personalised Journeys

NEXA’s Customer Experience Appointment booking isn’t just an appointment scheduling solution – it proactively manages that ‘appointment’ to minimise ‘no-shows’ , drive customer preparedness, optimise staff readiness, all leading to maximised closure rates.

It includes a comprehensive online scheduling application, and all the tools needed to integrate it with the corporate website. Appointment integrated online scheduling lets your customers browse the website and schedule appointment, themselves. Alternatively, why not use your social media channels (FaceBook or Twitter) and allow customers to book an appointment directly from a ‘call to action’?

When used in organisations such as hospitals or multi-appointment organisations, Appointment Manager will not only book an appointment but also book assets such as clinicians, rooms, equipment.  Even within educational organisations, Appointment Manager will book the appointment, staff member and room.

Social Consultations

An increasing number of companies are providing their customers an option for online consultations via the company website, Facebook or Twitter.  Online and mobile appointment scheduling is both cost-effective for the business, and very popular among customers, who prefer the speed and immediacy of confirmation when making an on-line booking.

As an addition to booking from your web site, mobile or social media site, NEXA can provide a pre-configured web site which means that you can offer appointments to your customers in half the time of traditional web based appointment packages.  All we would need is for your current web site provider to set up a hyperlink from your site to ours…it’s that simple.

It’s not just the technology tools we’re providing but it’s the people and implementing those tools, which we see as one of the great parts of our success

Glenn King, CEO Services NSW

Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.

Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 100,000+ customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.

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