“NEXA transformed the way we do business.”

Ashley Keleher, Head of Student Services, Monash University

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NEXA’s Customer Flow Management helps you lessen queuing time by empowering your customers with virtual and linear queuing solutions via booked appointments, kiosks or concierge, and enabling direct communication methods like SMS messaging. For your business, it will bring improvements in staff productivity, up to the minutes real-time management reporting and improved customer satisfaction surveys.

Real Time Management Reporting

The reporting with Customer Experience offers a wide range of monitoring and reporting tools for all levels of management: from a dashboard presenting the most fundamental real-time parameters for Centre Managers and their team, to comprehensive historical reports used by corporate executives and analysts.

The data collated from NEXA’s Customer Flow Management is presented in a wide range of monitoring and reporting tools for all levels of management ranging from back office LCD screens, management mobile reporting or ad-hoc key performance reports and alerts.  All data shown is presented in customisable graphs and diagrams for ease of understanding and analysis.

Concierge…the new way to improve customer experience

As technology moves on, so does the way that we use it to deliver business benefits.  NEXA’s Concierge solution provides two distinct advantages; firstly it can be used as a management tool to monitor waiting times and management reporting. Secondly, at busier times, Concierges empowered with a Windows mobile tablets can be used to ‘queue bust’.

Mobile tablet technologies combine highly effective, personalised floor management with the real advantage of being truly mobile and don’t worry, if you need to provide your customer with a ticket, we have thought about that too.  Each member of staff will have a small Wi-Fi enabled belt printer to produce a ticket with the queue position.

Utilising Windows tablet technologies are already delivering ‘queue busting’ benefits to our customers. And don’t worry, this wont be the last technical advantage that we will be delivering.

Know who your customers are

At the heart of NEXA’s Customer Experience system are ergonomic and flexible kiosk’s which allow your customers to select the reason for their visit via a touch screen menu.  All kiosk options and menu’s are presented in your corporate colours/image and terminology which is something that your customers will be familiar with.

Using the API module allows you to ingrate NEXA’s Customer Experience solution with your customer  CRM system  Capturing this data when the customer first enters your service centre will ensure your staff have all the correct information to hand.

If your customer ‘check’s in’ and the queue time is over a KPI that you have set, the kiosk will prompt to capture the customers mobile number and then will send them a SMS when they are ready to be seen.  No more hanging around in the service centre, let your customer go and get a coffee, do shopping etc.  Research has shown that providing customers with an SMS makes for a relaxed environment for waiting customers and staff alike.

Know Your Performance

NEXA understands that capturing customers details, the reason for their visit and what happened within the service is only part of the story. All of this data is fine however, there is so much more that can be captured

NEXA’s Customer Experience kiosks and mobile devices encourage customers to leave feedback on the service they received.  The feedback questions are managed by you and so, different questions can be asked at different times of the year.

Customers leaving feedback provides the true picture of what happened and more importantly, what the customer truly thought.

NEXA’s Customer Experience system doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget that the system passes data in real time and being an internet based application, management can get real-time statistics any where and any time of day or night.  That’s what we call a ‘win win’ for management and operational teams.

Think you know the future?

OnGlass uses LCD screens (55″ for example) which are fixed behind glass (service centre window).  NEXA weaves a bit of magic and suddenly the LCD screen becomes a touch screen…it’s now that things get really interesting.  The use of this technology is endless, for example why not use the screen as an information point, allow customers to an book appointment, use it as an extra kiosk before your customers enter your service centre.  It’s up to you…

Having an open dialogue with our customers helps us manage the product road-map and define newer technologies and more importantly, where these can be used within NEXA’s Customer Experience product set.  OnGlass is just one example and there’s plenty more to come…

It’s not just the technology tools we’re providing but it’s the people and implementing those tools, which we see as one of the great parts of our success

Glenn King, CEO Services NSW

Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 36,000 customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.

Everyday, every where in Australia and beyond, NEXA is helping to make more than 36,000 customer interactions matter. Talk to us today.

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“NEXA have exceeded our expectations on all accounts, delivering a customised solution within very tight timeframes. The support team have also provided a fantastic level of service after implementation, committing to our ongoing success.”

Bobby Mazevski, Operations Manager Client Service, University of Wollongong