Interactive Digital Signage has always been a utopia for many within marketing or operations however, until now, digital signage has never really delivered what it sets out to achieve.   Looking back over the past ten years, software and networks have come a long way from being bespoke, technical and hard to decipher (never mind integrate).   As the Internet has now become the standard medium for all business communications,digital signage needed to work hand in hand with the Internet in order that digital signage become a viable proposition.

History has can tell us that just having a digital signage solution that delivers standard content will invariably become ‘wallpaper’ and customers become divorced from the messages that are being portrayed.  In order for digital signage to work, it has to be interactive.  If you want to engage with your customers you need to provide information that is relevant to them plus, information that actually entertains in order you keep their attention.

V-Flow Digital Signage is a web-based solution that provides centralised management of displays across multiple branches.

V-Flow digital signage separates the content and the design within a ‘presentation’ therefore allowing complete control over who creates the content and messaging and who authorises it prior to sending to the display screens.  V-Flow digital signage provides design tools that enable marketeers to create rich presentations and allows managers to schedule these for different branches.  It also has a built-in Life cycle Management system to make sure that all presentations are tested and reviewed before they are published to your sites. V-Flow digital signage provides tools that allow administrators to monitor the system health and identify problems in remote branches.

At the branch/store/waiting area, different screens can play different images and playlists.  V-Flow digital signage can manage up to eight screens off a single player and as each screen size can be defined, also can a number of screens be incorporated to create a video wall.  All presentations within V-Flow digital signage can be specified to play in certain parts of the video wall therefore allowing complete flexibility over the content being displayed.

V-Flow digital signage interacts seamlessly with Q-Flow allowing for complete interaction with the waiting customers.  If customers book an appointment within Q-Flow, V-Flow digital signage will automatically change the adverts being played to match the appointment time and appointment type.

V-Flow digital signage has been designed in such a way that anybody with ‘Office experience’ can use it.  V-Flow digital signage is drag and drop and therefore no technical training is required in order that you create imaginative content.

To read more about our Digital Signage solutions, please visit the following link: Q-Flow: Digital Signage