Patient satisfaction comes first, writes customer experience expert and thought leader Micah Solomon in a Forbes article articulating the best ways healthcare providers can move forward in establishing their patients as happy and satisfied customers.

While many aspects of healthcare delivery are being digitised to save costs, improve service and enable online and mobile access to information and analytics, the patients themselves are still flesh and blood and in most cases need to be present physically when the healthcare delivery actually takes place.

Patient visits are expensive and hard to manage, especially when complex medical processes are planned and multiple resources are needed.

While “e”-ing the patient is still in the realm of science fiction, NEXA offers to “e” everything related to the actual patient visit – including appointment booking and patient flow management, and embed the physical presence of the patient in the omni channel processes and flows of the healthcare provider’s work. Implementing this approach allows providers to optimise the patient experience and increase their satisfaction, while improving throughput and increasing operational efficiency.

NEXA optimises all aspects of the physical healthcare delivery, from clinics appointment scheduling and walk-in patient management, through routing and flow management, to ER and OR medical and administrative process management.

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