Sydney TAFESydney TAFE is one of Australia’s oldest vocational education organisations.  With just over 123 years of teaching and learning experience, Sydney TAFE know a thing or two about what works best when it comes to their students.  Sydney TAFE’s vision is simple, to provide students with the best training and skills development to set the foundations for a successful future and career in the students chosen field of expertise.

Student life and student culture is at the heart of everything Sydney TAFE does.  Having been a user of NEXA’s Student Experience solution for the past four years, Sydney TAFE set a new challenge, to open a centre of excellence at Ultimo.  The centre of excellence will provide the students a stimulating environment and one in which all students (current and prospective) can go to have their questions answered.  The centre is designed to assist the students in a number of areas including, orientation, library services and support.

As you would expect with a new student centre, design and aesthetics played a big part.  The centre was designed to be as open as possible with minimal furniture and host desk pod’s for the staff to work at.  One issue that the centre faced was one of the amount of traffic that not only comes into the centre but also, past the front door.  To assist, NEXA provided three ticketing kiosks, eight self-service kiosks and one feedback kiosks.  The other technology piece that NEXA provided was a first in the Australian Education space.  At the front doors, NEXA provided two 48” LCD screens, which are mounted behind glass.  Whilst this in itself isn’t remarkable, NEXA also provided the technology to convert these into touch screens and as a result, Sydney TAFE are able to display their web site and allow students and prospective students to browse the web site 24 hours a day.

2015-04-20 17.01.59NEXA’s Sales & Marketing Manager says, “The installation of this centre of excellence provides a show case for both Sydney TAFE as well as NEXA.  I am delighted that Sydney TAFE had the vision and foresight to introduce new technologies such as OnGlass, which is the first installation into an Education facility in Australia.  The team at Sydney TAFE should feel extremely proud of what they have achieved.

This installation really sets the benchmark for other Education facilities to follow.  The Centre of Excellence will provide students and prospective students a great new facility.  I look forward to a long term relationship with Sydney TAFE and the team”.