Q-Flow Queue Management

Nexa’s Q-Flow Queue Management technology, designed to arrange patient appointments and manage queues, has been placed in Australian hospitals following previous installations in America.

Currently utilised widely in  leading universities, the Prince Charles Hospital application is the first for a main hospital in Queensland.

Q-Flow Queue Management  is also currently being employed in Cabrini Hospital ‘s medical imaging unit, and it planned for implementation at Robina Hospital in the Gold Coast at the beginning of 2012.

NEXA Group sales director, Bill Thompson stated the equipment is not a substitute for in person connections.

“It’s the best way for such medical facilities to enhance their patient flow and consultation scheduling, allowing specialists along with other personnel to have extra face-to-face time with patients as well as regain that personalised approach,” Mr. Thompson said.

He explained the solution concerns automating the situation prior to, the patient appointment.

“So just what Q-Flow Queue Management permits hospitals to accomplish is to systemize whatever possible ahead of the true interaction and communication.  For example, booking visits, reception and check-in, coordinating patient flow, queue management and then to take added time really concentrating on the individuals themselves,” he stated.

According to Ms Faulkner, QLD Health funded the system as part of the funding allocated for the hospital redevelopment.

“We issued a tender as part of this process and after rigorous analysis of the various systems, chose the Q-Flow Queue Management system,” she said.

Nurse unit manager for private practice, transit lounge and specialist outpatients at The Prince Charles Hospital, Belinda Faulkner, said the Q-Flow Queue Management system has been installed initially in two high traffic areas – outpatient clinics and endoscopy outpatient clinics. Volunteers are on hand to assist patients if they have issues using the system or require further information.

The system will manage more than 500 patients per day in outpatients and endoscopy outpatients, which houses 43 specialist rooms ranging from cardiac surgery to haematology, oncology, sleep disorders and vascular surgery.

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