When it comes to maximising the operational efficiencies of businesses, efficient queue management systems and excellent customer service are secret weapons.

Queue management systems such as Q-Flow from NEXA provide visibility and accountability across all elements of customer service, helping businesses enhance customer service and staff productivity. Using Q-Flow queue management, the customer schedules an appointment which links through to their in-store experience.  Case management and customer records are all communicated with the customer service centre staff.

Q-Flow can improve the customer’s experience, and your staff’s ability to serve them more efficiently, ultimately, enhancing revenue and profitability.

How Does Q-Flow, A Queue Management Solution From NEXA Do This?

Using Q-Flow, customers can schedule their own appointments on-line via your company website, or mobile providing them with an immediate confirmation of their booking.

Q-Flow also features an SMS function, which is perfect for advising customers of unexpected delays that impact their appointment, and for keeping customers who would prefer to “duck out” of the facility instead of waiting on site in the loop.

Q-Flow directs waiting customers to staff members who have the correct skill sets for their enquiry, which ensures customers deal with skilled staff at all times and reduces the need for hands-on.

Digital Signage keep customers informed and entertained whilst they wait. Q-Flow’s Digital Signage (V-Flow)  is fully customisable, eliminating the need for expensive programming each time the message changes.

Implementing  modern queue management systems like Q-Flow will improve the experience for both your customers and employees. Your customers will feel you have their best interests in mind whilst your staff will be able to use their time more efficiently. Management will be improved through real-time reporting and KPI notifications.

To read more about our Q-Flow solutions, please visit the following link: Q-FLow