Orginally posted on The Pulse

Patients with cancer can now swipe and go for their radiation therapy, chemotherapy, check-ups and consultation appointments thanks to a new electronic kiosk system at Blacktown Hospital.

Cancer Centre operations manager Leanne Watson said the NEXA Healthcare Solution digital kiosks have been working well for general outpatient appointments and were pleased to now offer the service to our cancer and haematology patients.

“The digital kiosk allows patients to arrive at hospital, swipe in with their Medicare card and go straight to their clinic, without needing to line up and wait at the reception desk,” she said.

“The digital kiosks make it faster and easier for our patients, and they can sit and relax in one of the lounge areas while they wait for their appointment.

“The system also improves management of appointments for staff who can easily see how the day’s clinics are flowing.”

Leanne said the system is very simple and available in multiple languages, but for people who needs some extra help, the hospital’s wayfinding volunteers are on hand to guide them.

“Our wayfinding volunteers are clearly identified with purple tabards and they are based in the main foyer for anyone who needs assistance,” Leanne said.

Patients can also continue to check-in at the reception desks.

Digital kiosks are just one of the many features in the new cancer and haematology centre, including a chemo lounge, Cancer Council information centre, wig library and supportive therapies.