The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for the condition of approximately 5,800 miles of streets and highways and 790 bridge structures, including six tunnels.  DOT ensures traffic safety and mobility by mitigating the effect of construction on traffic; implementing engineering improvements; and installing and maintaining traffic signals at more than 11,800 intersections, over 1.3 million signs, over 300,000 street lights  69 million linear feet of markings and approximately 63,000 parking meters.

The Challenge
In the current  system, permit seekers were obligated to stand in line in order to begin the permit process, and then they would receive multiple tickets, often with confusing and complex code sequences. In many cases, permit seekers would have had to manage upwards of ten tickets in order to submit their permit applications.  Any new system would have to ease this process, track permits whether single or multiple permits per person and would have to ensure data security was of paramount importance.

The Solution
By implementing Q-Flow Queue Management, DOT  streamlined the permit process, to make it almost entirely paperless and to turn it into a much more transparent experience than before to permit seekers.

Management information flow was more transparent whilst the VPN ensured data was kept within Q-Flow Queue Management and therefore within the DOT.

Q-Flow Queue Management kiosk, LCD and Herald were delivered on time and to budget.

The Results
Following the introduction of  Q-Flow Queue Management, a number of benefits were quickly achieved: a reduction in customer waiting times, efficient management of queues, quick processing times for enquiries, improved statistical reporting and an overall improved customer experience.

“The implementation of Q-Flow Queue Management means that we can now track the customer experience as well as process flow.”
Mike Stance,
Customer Service Manager, DOT

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