Queue system software | Q- Flow 5.6 release | NEXA

March 2012 marked the release of the latest version of our customer optimisation queue system software suite:“Q-Flow 5.6″

Version 5.6 introduces several major advancements, including new look and feel, new internal communications module (“Intercom”), some significant additions to the calendar module and various improvements in system administration, agent management, media and other system components.

Look and Feel
Q-Flow 5.6 received an extensive “facelift” including a new clean look, new colour scheme, un updated icon set and various UI modifications.

Much consideration was given to screen space utilisation, quick navigation and easier access to commonly used controls.

In particular, end-user interfaces such as the Service Console and Calendar received special focus on usability and style – while retaining the familiar previous functionality and overall interface structure.

Intercom Module
The new Intercom module provides a new communication channel between agents and management, which – unlike standard instant messaging tools – has rule-based moderation, ensuring adherence to business guidelines and preventing use for personal messages.

The system allows greater flexibility for managers, who can send out messages to agents, and may require that agents respond to specific questions.

Agents may send out specific messages (e.g. asking for a supervisor’s assistance) or respond to Manager’s requests, but are generally more limited – thus keeping the Intercom channel clutter-free.

Calendar Module
A new concept of “Dynamic Calendar” is introduced to the system.  A Dynamic Calendar Template does not include a list of time-slots, like classic Q-Flow calendar templates, instead it is defined by a set of rules that determine its behaviour and capacity.  The dynamic calendar allows the highest level of flexibility, control and accuracy in planning agents’ workday and scheduling appointments.

The Calendar GUI is greatly improved, offering a better view of both classic and dynamic calendars, in daily, weekly and monthly views as well as multiple-calendar side by side view.

Calendar management has been improved, with complex activities simplified and new options added, mainly with the purpose of increasing the system usability by medical secretaries.

In addition, various components like the Appointment Wizard and Waiting List management were treated to numerous improvements in UI and functionality.