TAFE Brisbane

The Challenge
Due to a restructure within the TAFE Queensland, there was a re- allocation of international services causing a dramatic increase in student traffic and a 35% increase in the amount of counter based work.

Whilst various queuing strategies had been implemented to meet the needs of customers, the available floor space for customer queues was at capacity during peak times. The large queues adversely impacted on the delivery of other student services. Customer satisfaction was being significantly affected by an inability to accurately assess waiting times.

The Solution
TAFE Brisbane investigated a range of queuing management systems culminating in the selection of the NEXA’s Student Experience solution.  This solution was selected due to its ability to deliver multiple queuing facilities, ticket distribution, visual displays, audio announcers, desktop software and integrated reporting functions at a competitive price.

The Results
Following the introduction of the NEXA’s Student Experience solution, a number of benefits were quickly achieved: a reduction in customer waiting times, efficient management of queues, quick processing times for enquiries, improved statistical reporting and an overall improved customer experience.

“The solution provided to us by NEXA has improved our customer service outcomes and now ensures the efficient allocation of staff.”

Allan Virtue, Team Leader Student Administration



Student Experience