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Case Study: South West Sydney Institute TAFE

The Challenge
South West Sydney Institute (SWSi) decided to implement a queue management system to all nine campuses, in order to enhance management reporting and overall visibility of operations.

SWSi attracts over 72,000 students per year, all from different backgrounds. The students enrol in over 700 courses and programs offered by the Institute. Training is also provided to over 4,500 international students who live here or overseas

The Solution
Nexa provided the Q-Flow Queue Management solution to all nine campuses.

The solution provided to SWSi included a touch screen reception kiosk with pre-configured touch screen options. The students interact with the touch screen to select the reason for their visit to the student centre.

Q-Flow automatically places the student into a virtual queue and guides them to a waiting area, whilst student centre staff are informed of the students waiting, why they are there and how long they have been waiting.

Within the waiting area, the Q-Flow Digital Signage solution provides students with SWSi branded messaging, as well as real-time queue information.

Offering a significant upgrade to standard queue management systems, Q-Flow enables measurement of front and back office work and procedures. It also monitors the full student service experience in all campuses, offering SWSi management visibility of the entire estate.

The Results
Working to extremely tight timescales, Nexa and SWSi managed the rollout of all nine campuses within six weeks. Given the complexity of the project, including the replacement of an existing QMS in three campuses and re-training the team, this is a fantastic achievement.

Q-Flow is already delivering many benefits for SWSi, providing greater visibility into student wait times and staff performance, and greater transparency of operations and customer service metrics.

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