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Case Study: Service NSW

Service NSW provides a range of Government services including licencing, registration and related services.  With the creation of Service NSW, comes a complete overhaul of how NSW Government services are delivered.  Customer can now access all of the Government services at a ‘one stop shop’.

Having discussed the requirements and goals that Service NSW wanted to achieve, it was recognised that NEXA’s Customer Experience solution were to be at the heart of the project.

The service centres offer a number of different ways that customers can interact and NEXA’s Customer Experience solution had to be flexible in order to meet these requirements. Within the service centres, customers are greeted by a concierge who will answer any queries the customer has, ensure they have the correct paperwork with them and if necessary, virtual queue them to the best member of staff who will answer their query.

The service centres also allow customers to ‘self-serve’ by way of desk mounted kiosks. This is particularly useful for easy transactions that customers can complete themselves. The ‘Express Desk’ allow customers to interact with members of staff on queries where the customer has the correct paperwork and the transaction can be processed quickly.

NEXA’s Customer Experience solution is already delivering many benefits for Service NSW, providing greater visibility into customer wait times, staff performance, and greater transparency of operations and customer service metrics.

“Partnering with an organisation such as NEXA, using their customer flow management systems, means we can really change our service, get more out of digital, make it easier and faster for our customer. But really importantly, and this is a key point, is ensuring that we’re creating a really great customer NSW experience that drives value, and efficiency for the broader Economy.

Our reputation domestically, nationally and internationally is inspiring other states such as Victoria, Queensland, also Tasmania to ask ‘what is SNSW doing?’ so that they can adopt and learn some of these practices and apply them within their own states to provide better services for their citizens too. We’re already in discussion with those states, we’re also in discussion with the Federal Government as well about how we can connect even further to provide services for the Australian citizen.”

Glenn King, CEO SNSW