Case Study - Gosford City Council | queue system software | NEXA

Case Study: Gosford City Council

The Challenge
The Council office was receiving up to 25 development applications a day. Wait times were becoming increasingly long, resulting in frustrated customers. These issues did not fit with Gosford City Council customer charter or ‘in-service’ times.

The existing queue management system already in place was ineffective and unstable, causing even more problems for both customers and staff. Clearly, something had to be done and so Gosford City Council looked at the market place in order to resolve these issues.

The Take A Ticket Kiosk
Having been rewarded the project, NEXA embarked on a project to replace the existing queue management system, with its modern look ticket kiosk, informative digital media displays and clear audio announcers.

Customers immediately saw the benefits of a better organised waiting area, quicker enquiry times and better information flow via the LCD screens and digital media. NEXA also provided the council management with a highly sophisticated set of reporting tools which improved real time visibility.

The Results
With the new NEXA system in place, the congested queues have been relieved and customers are receiving the highest level of service.

The Council managers can now make proactive and informed decisions based on the detailed reports and statistics, aiding the office to achieve peak performance.

“The NEXA solutions have not only helped us to improve our level of customer service but the reporting capabilities really allow us to manage agent and branch efficiencies.”

David Henderson, Operations Coordinator