Council Customer Experience | Coffs Harbour City Council | NEXA

Case Study: Coffs Harbour City Council

The Challenge
Coffs Harbour City Council is committed to seeing Coffs Harbour retain its unique character and distinctive attributes that make the city such a desirable location. In order to maintain the ongoing development of customer service, Council identified a requirement for the implementation of a queue management system. This system would allow Council’s technology to reflect their strong customer focus initiatives as well as improve upon the high quality service provided to the community.

Upon arrival at the customer service centre, all customers had to wait in a stand in line queue to see one of the five counter employees. Council Management had no way of identifying the customers’ needs, and in turn, no way of streamlining options to support resource planning and to increase the productivity and efficiency of service.

The Solution
NEXA supplied a self-service touch screen installed in the reception area, providing customers with the empowerment to self- select their desired outcome, whilst also placing them in an electronic queue. This enables customers to sit and wait in comfort until their ticket number is referred to a service agent. As the customer has already selected the service they have come for, Council staff are now made aware of what the customer wants to achieve beforehand.

NEXA’s digital signage solution was also incorporated, enabling Council to manage their digital media alongside queuing information. The LCD screens call customers for service whilst visually informing the community of projects and services that the council provides, as well as information on tourist attractions in the local area.

The Result
Since the implementation of the NEXA’s Customer Experience solution, staff can easily identify peak periods and ensure appropriate staffing levels are in place, enabling customer service targets to be met. With the ability to identify why customers come to Council, staff can be up-skilled in relevant subject areas, thus also aiding efficiency.

“NEXA’s Customer Experience solution and the information it provides, gives Council the ability to recognise its customer requirements and improve its customer service levels to meet these needs effectively.”

Wendy Sharpe, Plant Administration Coordinator