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Case Study: Albury City Council

Albury City Council has successfully deployed Q-Flow Queue Management software from NEXA.

Albury City Council put customer service at the heart of everything that do. Albury CityQueue Management

Council state “It’s our priority to be progressive, proactive and – most importantly of all – a pleasure to deal with. Our commitment to the city’s wellbeing extends across a range of areas, including commercial, social, cultural, educational, environmental and residential interests. Our task is to understand and balance these various interests, while observing our vision to create and maintain: A vibrant, safe and welcoming regional city, drawing inspiration and life from our heritage, strategic location and connection to the majestic River Murray”.

Our core values include:

  • Working together – through respect, listening, valuing all contributions and celebrating achievement and progress.
  • Integrity – through trust, honesty, openness and consistency.
  • Courage and passion – by giving encouragement and confidence to speak up, and leading with visibility and enthusiasm.
  • New ideas – by valuing knowledge and innovation.
  • Loyalty – through demonstrated commitment to, and support of, the organisation and the community


Having such high values, Albury City Council needed a solution to manage their customers’ visits in order that they had visibility of the customer visit experience. Following a review, a number of meetings and presentations, NEXA was chosen to provide their Q-Flow Queue Management software.

NEXA provided the Q-Flow Queue Management solution to the customer service centre in Kiewa Street, Albury.

Q-Flow is an advanced Queue Management and Customer Interaction solution that offers a range of benefits to service organisations.

Utilising the latest web and distributed computing technologies and equipped with easy-to-use administration tools, the result is a product with extreme flexibility and scalability.

Q-Flow consists of software and (optional) hardware elements to provide a total customer queue management system.

Q-Flow offers open web architecture, based on widely used standards, enabling greater flexibility and more intelligent applications than any other QMS. Offering a significant upgrade to standard queue management systems, Q-Flow enables measurement of front and back office work and procedures. It also monitors the full customer service experience, offering Albury City Council management visibility of the customer experience.

Working to extremely tight timescales, NEXA and Albury City Council managed the rollout within four weeks.

Q-Flow is already delivering many benefits for Albury City Council, providing greater visibility into customer wait times and staff performance, and greater transparency of operations and customer service metrics.

Having completed the rollout of Q-Flow, Albury City Council can now track customer flow and identify customer needs, using Q-Flow also allows staff training and rostering to be focused on the services that our customers require.

“Albury City Council undertook a comprehensive review of the queue management market. Having completed our review, we agreed that NEXA and the Q-Flow solution best met our needs of providing quality customer service to our clients and the ability to capture data on our services provided.”

Donna Evans, Albury City Council