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Gold Coast Health has partnered with Australian customer experience software company, NEXA, to launch a holistic patient optimisation framework across its five busiest departments at the Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH).

The Q-Flow technology by NEXA integrates with GCUH’s core systems and has helped to eliminate patient queues, while capturing critical performance data from the hospital’s Pathology Collections, Cancer and Blood Disorders Outpatient and Day Unit Service, Womens Outpatients, Adult Outpatients and Childrens Outpatients Departments.

The framework includes a series of kiosks that patients use to register their presence upon arrival, as well as a backend patient management system that puts all patient records in one easily accessible place.

Here doctors’ instructions and the individual’s medical requirements are captured in real time so that they are easily processed and assessed during their visit.

Since its introduction last year, GCUH has increased its confirmation rate prior to the patients attending to 80%, which has then reduced the amount of ‘fail to attend’ patients.

Demand for Gold Coast Health’s services is only increasing, with growth in the number of total patients being seen in our clinics across the city going from 699,000 occasions of service in 2014-15 to 835,000 in 2015-16.

That means that in 2015-16, Gold Coast Health provided 135,000 more services to patients over the course of just one year and the Q-Flow framework is helping to assist with this massive increase in patient flow at our busiest facility, GCUH.

Acting Data Quality Manager for Gold Coast Health, Jessica Bevan, said Q-Flow has integrated patient, clinician, nursing, and administration needs. It has dramatically improved the department’s communication and management of patient flow, creating a more engaged experience for staff and patients.

“The system allows our staff to achieve more while also providing patients with greater insight into their visit without added complexity or effort.”

“In the past, process flow had been an issue, with standing queues often stretching past 20 minutes. The new arrival process now takes only seconds, allowing patients to relax in our waiting rooms knowing that they’re in the system and will soon be looked after.”

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