Last month NEXA launched its Solution Insights webinar series. Each month we will take a deep dive into different aspects of our Customer Journey Management solution to showcase the Q-Flow technology capabilities that can help transform your customer journey. You’ll gain rich insights on how to enhance your customer experience, enable staff productivity and increase your operational efficiencies.

Our guest host is Simon Pearson from SJ Pearson Consulting who has a longstanding relationship with NEXA as a partner and employee. He is extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of Q-Flow and passionate about how it can help organisations to streamline their customer journey and achieve their KPI’s.

“Being able to demonstrate just how smart the Q-Flow software is a fantastic opportunity. Once people see how it works in real scenarios, they can better understand the value it can bring to their organisation and help them solve problems they may have been grappling with for a while,” Pearson declared.

Organisations across the world are embracing technology solutions to gain efficiencies and improve their customer experience. Service-based organisations that offer face to face interactions are no exception and need to streamline their customer journey’s. Even though the initial investment may seem high, the long-term benefit of having data to drive strategic decisions is realised through an enhanced customer experience, improved staff productivity and operational efficiency gains.

Pearson said, “Allowing customers to ‘see under the hood’ of the NEXA Customer Journey solution and highlighting real life examples of how it works is a great way for clients and prospects to get to know how we can help them achieve their goals.

Our next webinar is on 27 February at 9am and we will explore the internal and external value of appointment scheduling.

If you’re ready to gain insights into your service delivery performance and make real change,