macquarie_university_logoAlthough relatively young (50 years since it’s foundation), Macquarie University has already established an enviable reputation for research excellence.   Macquarie University is ranked among the highest-performing research universities in Australia.  Recognised globally for their pre-eminence in key research disciplines, they pursue excellence in a broad range of research areas, including those that are cross-disciplinary in nature.

Being successful brought a number of challenges, firstly, how to manage (and improve) student interactions at their campus at Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW?  The first challenge was how to improve the facilities on offer?  This was completed in December 2013 when the completely new student centre was opened.  Not only were there new student zones, there was a new student management system from NEXA.  The solution included the latest queue management technology in the form of touch screen technology which included proximity readers for student card data and SMS notifications.

In order to make it easier for students to interact with the University, the University set up coloured pods and so, rather than being called forward to a counter, students were called forward to a coloured pod where they were met by a member of staff.