Banking Giant Improves Customer Service

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBSG) is a global retail finance organisation.  In 2010,  RBSG launched a “Customer Charter” throughout all of their UK branches of Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest.  The Customer Charter objectives are focused on delivering customer service and pledges that are made to the customer with one common goal in mind, to be Britain’s most “Helpful Bank”.

As part of the Customer Charter, RBSG committed to serving customers faster and more effectively and in 2011 RBSG issued an Request For Information for a queue management and digital signage solution.

The solutions had to cover locations across the UK and span the two distinct brands.  Our solution partner Q-Nomy was selected and in partnership with Office Depot, managed the roll out of the solution.

The solution deployed included Q-Flow Customer Management and V-Flow Digital SignageQ-Flow and V-Flow help customer service through their “Select-a-Service’ concept and provide a streamlined process in order that customers can do business with the bank.  The first part of the solution is a touch screen kiosk that customers can use to select the reason that they are at the bank.  By doing this, they are guided to the best staff member to deal with their enquiry.  If customers had to wait, they would be “Infotained” by LCD screens showing wait times, corporate information and advertising.

The whole solution is fully managed and is supported twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days per year.

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