Customer communication has always been the stuff of marketing visionaries but real customer communication has rarely made it from the drawing board into the real world of customer management systems.

A number of years ago everything was done by post but now, thankfully, time has moved on and technology has it’s part to play in bringing operational effectiveness into the real world.

NEXA is pleased to announce that Q-Flow now comes with a real time communications module that will automatically keep your customers informed whilst visiting your customer or student service centre.

Once customers checks in, Q-Flow will organise them into a virtual queue (based on the reason for their visit) and then inform them of the wait time.  If the customer decides not to wait in the waiting area but instead goes for a coffee, that’s fine as Q-Flow will automatically send them a text (SMS) message ten minutes before they are due to be seen.

By providing your customers with real time messaging, you are providing real customer service as they will feel more informed, waiting area’s appear to be less busy and staff are automatically updated with the waiting appointments.

Q-Flow allows both marketing and operations teams to take customer management to the next level.

To read more about our Education solutions, please visit the following link: Q-Flow